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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Engineering Manpower Consultants

Today, with hundreds of engineering colleges to come across the country, the expectations seem to
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Be growing in this area. No wonder recruiters meet recruiting fresh new talent and the degree and rate
Of success in this industry in particular. However, students who aspire to seek help from the recruitment
Agencies soon realize that the downfalls if this their dreams? We must address this in mind before seeking help from one of the working groups. Each year, students apply many engineering schools and
Universities in their efforts to achieve a rewarding career. However, many do not for many reasons.
One main reason is to have the help of a wrong place. Moreover, the market is already full with
Candidates with experience and highly qualified, then why would anyone do a new one? Basically, it is
The universities that prepare aspiring professionals to meet expectations in all areas.

With good workshops, equipment, etc. can actually help make the students understand the obligations
Or undertakings and work well. Companies have no difficulty in recruiting a fresher they are talented
And well known in the professional workplace. You must be employed, educated and trained to target
This market. Confused? A group of good recruitment clued knows the real tactic to take the ball in
His court. If you approach the right place, the Engineering manpower consultants are aware of requirements for companies
Looking for engineers and allied leaders, and therefore you will go to the right company for you prepare
Well before hand. Employment Agencies or Engineering manpower consultants, or groups in a chronological approach to use,
Screening and selecting qualified individuals to meet the needs of technical recruiting.

In addition, the company responsible for the appointment, many factors must be borne in mind, the
Job description, eligibility, salaries, etc. While there are a lot of engineering works or not, if you
Want to send a candidate, is a crucial decision to do, which is easy to make a business of talent for
Employment. Although the extent of the sector is a competition bright and pleasant, the increase may
Be a disadvantage aspiring professionals. Dedicated to the recruitment of technology companies for
Business purposes and the demands of work the applicant. So they come up with suitable candidates
To fill vacancies enough. When the quality and the best jobs of these engineering manpower consultants dedicated not only
To make the right candidates worthy of the engineering or related job, but also by companies to help them feel proud and successful operation. So make sure that we keep our eyes when they select the recruitment yourself well in this area.

Friday, October 29, 2010

What should be the responsibility of employees?

Employees are hired in an organization to grace certain responsibilities. These roles and responsibilities must be handled well in order to enjoy a wealthy and long lasting employee- employer relationship. Thus, it is essential to recruit the 'right' employees in the right organization. It should be a well fitted blend from both ends. Now, those who undertake the duty of hiring talented professionals are manpower consultants or a recruitment agency.

What do a recruitment agency do?

A specialized recruitment agency is the one that undertakes every step of recruitment from finding qualifies candidates to processing of data, selection process to salary negotiation. They look for employees who are well versed with teamwork, integrity, commitment and work ethic and are dedicated to their work at the end of the day. Expert’s consultants also make sure that the employers should be potential and give proper scope to the employees to grow in their respective field. Thus, it become very essential to outsource an employment agency that understands the value of work from both employee and employer's point of view.

At the end of the day, it is the consultants or human resource department that look after that employees are handling their responsibilities well.

Roles & Responsibilities for Employees

Qualification: Aspiring candidates or even the employees should be well qualified in order to give justice to their position and role in an organization. They should be capable of handling duties given to them.

Commitment to work: Employees should be committed to work. It does not mean that they should work extra hours to show their dedication however, they should put in their best efforts to bring out the end result best.

Loyalty: Employees should be loyal to their organization. Those who qualify this criteria are always appreciated by the manpower consultants or human resource people for their affection towards the company.

Participation: An employee should be enthusiastic about his or her work. Apart from handling their roles if they can contribute a little extra to the organization then it is always appreciated by the company officials.

Besides, these an employee should try and make healthy work environment so that he or she is comfortable working with their colleagues as well as management people and vice versa. A recruitment agency always look for candidates who have such qualities and skills to place them in a reputed and potential company.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tips for cost effective recruitment

The growth or downfall of any organization lay in the hands of its manpower. Right manpower is not that easy to get. One has to undergo a lot of processes to recruit talented and potential employees. For this either the company has to have an in built strong human resource department to outsource an expert recruitment agency. If you outsource a recruitment consultant you get various added services such as International recruitment or expertise in specific business sectors and most importantly cost. However, one has to understand that not all consultancies offer the same valuable services to their clients. Thus, keep an expert eye while choosing best yet cost effective recruitment solutions for your company.
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On this note, given below are few tips on how to choose cost effective recruitment services:

• Create a brand image: Being an employer one has to be clear on their market presence. Make your manpower consultant understand your presence and status in the industry. You will have to create a brand image in the eyes of not only your consultants but, indirectly in the eyes of your aspiring employees. Also, keep in mind that once the recruiter is able to get your image then only he or she will replicate it to the employees well. This cuts on the research work of the recruiter and they negotiate on their charges.
• Define exact employee requirements: Whenever there is a vacancy often employers give just two to three liner requirements. This makes the work of recruiter difficult as they are unable to understand the exact requirement. Thus, end up finding a wrong fit for the organization. Always make sure to offer full requirement status, technical updates and other essential details about the expected candidate to get a perfect match at best negotiated price.
• Sources for inviting applications: Though there are lot many options to invite applications. However, the entire process of short listing and selecting the right candidate takes a lot of time. Thus, leave the task to experts. Hire professional manpower consultants to do the needful. This is the most cost efficient way of recruitment.
• Screening: Screening is just like taking the first shot and then short listing the best among them.
• Selection process: This state’s selecting the best candidates among the shortlisted ones.
• Maintain a candidate pool: Your recruitment agency knows the tactic of hiring the best fit. Thus, they keep a handful of potential candidates for the suitable vacancy who can be hired at a negotiated package without compromising the quality f work.

Now, that you know the top most tips for cost effective recruitment, hire a professional recruitment agency and get potential manpower for your company.

How to recruit a productive workforce?

Any company's expansion or relocation to a better place with an advanced infrastructure is largely dependent on its skilled and loyal workforce.

A wide spectrum of services related to employment for assisting employers locate, screen, recruit, and hire qualified candidates are made accessible and customizable to meet the specific needs of any employer by the expert manpower consultants. Employers just have to find them and be rest assured about their recruitment tasks. The common employment offers:
• Accessibility to qualified applicants
• Perfect match of aspiring professionals to meet employer requirements
• Screening and recommendation of talented candidates
• Evaluation of candidate's skills and abilities as per the job standard
• Small and large-scale human resource activities
• Assistance in planning and hosting company's employment fairs
• Conduct interviews using advanced technology for International recruitment such as Video conferencing, etc.

In case you have any employee relocating abroad for International recruitment, expert recruitment agency is an apt on-line source for employment opportunities, which can offer added guidance for your new employee’s family so that you ease all your worries associated with relocating.
Business trends and Analysis
Before recruiting a productive workforce specialized manpower consultants make every effort to analyze and understand the business completely so that they end up getting the perfect match for a particular job. They also suggest employers to come up with training sessions to make the aspiring candidates well versed with the company, its products and services.

Employee Training and Talent Development Sessions
The main element to any successful business is the growing productivity of its trained workforce. Manpower consultants that are committed to work with employers for building a strong workforce that meets the requirements and needs of any business and backs up its economic development. In this category the available solutions and programs include:
• Assistance in deciding specific training needs as per the job and company standards
• Career related assessments are used to evaluate and upgrade employee's skills to encourage retention of potential employees or prepare aspiring candidates
• Job Profiling that is used to identify the skills and potential levels required to perform a specific job specifically.
• On-the-Job talent development programs
• Recommendations to eligible Training Providers
• Officeholder training sessions

Recruitment agency that understand the need of productive workforce also brings in businesses tat are interested in offering internship opportunities for college students to prepare them as per industry standards and make them learn more on how the on-line resources can help attract potential candidates as well as employers.

Friday, August 27, 2010

SEO Sunil Juyal Blog: Why the reference check is necessary to hire an em...

SEO Sunil Juyal Blog: Why the reference check is necessary to hire an em...: "The recruitment process is crucial and requires a lot of detailed research. It involves a lot of things, one of which is reference check. ..."

Why the reference check is necessary to hire an employee?

The recruitment process is crucial and requires a lot of detailed research. It involves a lot of things, one of which is reference check. Whenever employers or manpower consultants’ shortlist candidates considering their talent and skills, it becomes very essential to keep an eye on his or her previous records so as to know their strengths and weaknesses. Thus, a reference check or verification is done.
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What is a reference check?

Well, before calling in for the final interview candidates are asked to give their colleague’s or higher official’s number so that the interested employer or its respective recruitment agency can have a word with them and know better about the candidate’s interpersonal skills. This check can even be done by the respective company official. It is very essential to do a reference check so as to know the candidate better and judge whether he or she would be apt for the particular position.

Why it is important to do a reference check?

This gives the organizations a clear idea about the candidate, his or her behavior, skills, individual and team work capabilities, etc. Besides, there are candidates who might exaggerate their experience, role and responsibilities. A reference check is the first step to check the real aptitude and attitude of the short listed candidates.

Often professionals have that talent but, lack attitude to fit in a particular profile. For instance, if the profile is of a business head then one has to handle a lot of clients throughout the day. This profile needs someone patient, diplomatic, quick in response and sensible. Being a candidate if you have the qualification and experience but, someone or the other if you lack these skills then it might get difficult for you to tackle clients which would indirectly effect on the growth of the company.

Companies usually do not have extra time to spare on such things thus, they ask their respective manpower consultants to do the needful in this case. An expert recruitment agency understands the importance of such checks thus, put in their best efforts to undertake this responsibility. However, there are consultants who being new to the industry or due to any other reason skip these checks. This is where they lack the expertise to know a candidate better and match up their skills to the company’s requirement.

Thus, it is very decisive and important to do a reference check before hiring any employee.

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5 Tips on how to get an employee

Today, candidates search more for potential employers rather than going for just any company. Main reasons behind this are that the job reliability and associate services for employees are more in reputed companies that attract them than anything else. Besides, there are other various evident advantages of working with potential employers. This makes the stand of other organizations a bit low. Employees seek more for convenient facilities and reliable companies. There might be companies who are new to any business sector and thus, might lack few of the facilities for employees. Such organizations might have a lot of potential and might compensate their services with extra pay but, they certainly need the right way or assistance to approach right candidates and professionals to work with them. Company officials or respective manpower consultants choose various ways to approach candidates and get right employees for an organization, some of which are discussed below.

How to get employees?

Well, different organizations have diverse ways of hunting right kind of candidates to match their company’s requirement. Few of the tips are given below that are usually adopted by companies or manpower consultants to get employees:

• Outsource a Recruitment Agency: By hiring a recruitment agency, an employer can easily manage and make things done for them. Starting from executive research to pay rolls, managing key accounts to international and national recruitment, a specialized recruitment firm can do it all for you at reasonable cost. These firms not only consult the candidates but, undertake all necessary roles and responsibilities in hiring a candidate for an organization. These firms charge the organizations as per the services and recruiting position.
• Online: There are various job portals online where in employers or recruitment agencies can post the vacancy and get response from interested professionals. After getting countless responses from the interested candidates, the entire recruitment process is carried on. This indeed is a very time consuming and crucial job to do. Thus, you may hire an expert consultant to do the job for you so that being an employer you can focus on your core business.
• Headhunting: Calling up candidates and asking them to come for interview might seem to be an easy job but, a professional recruitment agency does not stop there. These firms head hunt potential professionals and candidates matching their skills, experience and exposure on a particular work field for various companies. The specialized consultants find reputed employers for experienced and talented candidates. It involves a lot of research, detailing and expertise.
• Reference: Once you start working you start growing your business and social circle where in you might develop many contacts from different work fields. You may use such personal or work contacts for getting the right candidate for your employer or client. Besides, at times candidates share their personal contacts, references of friends or near ones which a recruitment agency might use for enrollment. It then becomes the job of the recruiter as well as the agency to cross check these references and bring in right talent.
• Print Media: Here in companies or manpower consultants place advertisements of various vacant positions and get reply. The interested candidates directly approach the companies or recruitment consultants by sending a mails or calling them.

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Why Indian Doctors are in demand for overseas recruitment?

Being in the medical profession, makes you feel more responsible towards the mankind. Doctors and associate professionals are since ever in demand as they cure the harmful and injurious ailments in today’s world. Due to many reasons such as unhealthy diet, pollution, unhygienic habitat, etc. people tend to fall ill and thus, doctors and other associates are needed to treat and take care of the patient’s health. Medical field is a noble profession and is needed by all. However, it has been noticed since past couple of years that Indian doctors are getting in high demand not only nationally but, overseas as well. If we go by the current figures, near by 60,000 of Indian doctors and associate professionals of medical field get recruited by many international hospitals, pharmaceuticals and other relevant firms.

The team of National Health Services in United Kingdom constitutes almost 11% of Indian doctors. With strong academics, urge to learn, innovative ideas and skilled approach, doctors and physicians from India gain a great stand nationally and internationally. This makes them the strength of medical industry in foreign countries like UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Companies, hospitals and other relevant firms look for specialized Indian manpower consultants who could bring in such talent to help the mankind throughout the globe through their exceptional skills. Now, why the demand is high when it comes specifically to Indian doctors? Well, India is a place filled with talented people from every field and as compared to other developed nations Indian physicians takes more responsibility and less pay package to work and grow the entire medical field.

Besides, since time immemorial India is known for its medical practices and healing power of Ayurveda as well as modern science. Thus, Indian physicians and doctors already have great domain knowledge about the same which they can further contribute and assist in upgrading the medical field throughout the world. An expert Indian recruitment agency who understands the medical field and gain expertise in recruiting medical professionals, physicians and doctors can help the international firms to bring forward talented and potential professionals from this particular field.

Even for the Indian medical professionals it becomes a lucrative option to go overseas and work as they get a chance to learn to practice more advance technology to treat or cure a particular ailment. It not only gives them a financial boost but, provides them a platform with big opportunities and better future. This would even help people worldwide to get enhanced medical services and treatments. A specialized medical recruitment agency can make such professionals fulfill their dream of getting a rewarding career and helps in improving the state of world medical sector.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Web Designing Solution

Web design is the skill of creating presentations of content (usually hypertext or hypermedia) that is delivered to an end-user through the World Wide Web, by way of a Web browser or other Web-enabled software like Internet television clients, microblogging clients and RSS readers.


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The intent of Web design is to create a website—a collection of electronic documents and applications that reside on a Web server/servers and present content and interactive features/interfaces to the end user in form of Web pages once requested.[citation needed] Such elements as text, bit-mapped images (GIFs, JPEGs) and forms can be placed on the page using HTML/XHTML/XML tags. Displaying more complex media (vector graphics, animations, videos, sounds) requires plug-ins such as Adobe Flash, QuickTime, Java run-time environment, etc. Plug-ins are also embedded into web page by using HTML/XHTML tags.

Improvements in browsers' compliance with W3C standards prompted a widespread acceptance and usage of XHTML/XML in conjunction with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to position and manipulate web page elements and objects. Latest standards and proposals aim at leading to browsers' ability to deliver a wide variety of content and accessibility options to the client possibly without employing plug-ins.

Typically Web pages are classified as static or dynamic:

* Static pages don’t change content and layout with every request unless a human (web master/programmer) manually updates the page. A simple HTML page is an example of static content.
* Dynamic pages adapt their content and/or appearance depending on end-user’s input/interaction or changes in the computing environment (user, time, database modifications, etc.) Content can be changed on the client side (end-user's computer) by using client-side scripting languages (JavaScript, JScript, Actionscript, etc.) to alter DOM elements (DHTML). Dynamic content is often compiled on the server utilizing server-side scripting languages (Perl, PHP, ASP, JSP, ColdFusion, etc.). Both approaches are usually used in complex applications.

Top 10 Interview questions to ask

The technique of conducting interviews vary from one recruiter to another, may it be a company official or a manpower consultant. But, it becomes very essential for the employers to do in a way that could ease the candidates at the same leaves a strong positive impression about the company and its respective officials. A major part that makes any interview successful or crash is its questions. Thus, being an employer one needs to be extra careful as what, when and how to interrogate a particular candidate in a specific profile. In case the interview is conducted by a recruitment agency, one has to have a domain knowledge tied up with analytical skills to judge the talent and potential of a candidate.

Given below are few of the essential questions that an employer can ask from their candidates in order to check their skills:
Question #1: "Tell me something about yourself (interests, likes, dislikes)”
Question #2: "What was the biggest challenge in your career by far and how did you overcome that?”
Question #3: "What made you choose this profile?"
Question #4: “How good are you technically?”
Question #5: “How good are you at team work?”
Question #6: “Which all areas are you good at besides your area of specialization?”
Question #7: “How active are you socially?”
Question #8: "Why did you choose this organization?”
Question #9: “Where would you want to see yourself in two years from now?”
Question #10: “If we hire you what would you do primarily to enhance the current growth of this organization in your respective field?”
Firstly, try to ease the candidate by developing a rapport with them so that they can open up with their thoughts easily.
One should break the ice in an interview. It is very essential to build up a frank ambiance within the professional front in order to know the candidate well. Thus, starting with a very casual question about candidate’s background, family, qualification, likes, dislikes present a clear picture about them in front of the employers. This makes the respective candidate feel comfortable and they present an honest opinion about asked issues.
An employer should have a clear idea about the candidate's past performances and potential. Every professional or fresher has to undergo a certain challenge or obstacle in their professional front. It may be the extra work pressure, handling loud clients or even overcoming some financial crisis. In case the candidate is able to answer strong, straight and diplomatic questions well by sitting a well farmed example that mean he has the potential. Few candidates perform well at the time of interview and not at the time of performance. Thus, ask few task based alternate question that would give you an idea about their knowledge.
Check the candidate’s domain knowledge and additional technical skills. Well, the questions being asked by a respective recruitment agency or company official might differ as per the area of work or line of business. However, it is necessary to check that how smart and technically sound a candidate is.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Money and time saving recruitment services

As an employer one has to deal in a lot of sectors and internal and external areas of work at a time. Company primarily focus on functions and work fields that could fetch them business. Sales, Marketing, Finance and Service are the main work areas that come under any organization’s prime focus. Though it is equally important to keep an eye on the other aspects but, due to lack of time or resources many organizations are unable to pay personal attention to all necessary details. This is where outsourcing firms comes in. Human resource being one of the most important work fields for any company needs detailed attention and care. In case a company is unable to do so they outsource manpower consultants to take charge on their behalf. This not only save time but, also is a cost effective measure for any company.

Human resource services play the back bone of any company. Being an employer if you outsource any recruitment agency, it only looks after your company’s HR services but also, plans strategies to retain and bring in potential candidates that indirectly increase the sales of a company. We can not deny the fact that employees are the biggest capital of any organization. It is they who have the power to bring up or pull down any brand. It is they who actually build and sustain a brand image. Of course products and services are the main force behind the success of a company but, it is the employees who drive in that force. Outsourcing recruitment agencies to hire such proficient candidates is a cost effective measure to indirectly increase productivity at comparatively cheap cost at minimum time frame. So, now you understand how and why a potential candidate & moreover the expert recruiters are in demand and can do wonders to any employer.

Now, to bring in a potential candidate or professional, an expert manpower consultant has a big hand. It is close to impossible to attract, hire and retain any potential candidate if a company does not have a structured and planned HR department. Maintaining accounts, giving salary or keeping the payroll records is just a minor part of recruitment. The role and responsibility of any specialized recruitment agency is beyond that. It is how capable they are of assisting and taking a firm to high rates of success. This is why big brands like Infosys, TCS, Maruti, etc. are preferred by most of the suitable candidates.

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Candidates mainly require secure job, facilities such as cab, canteen, flexible shifts and most of all a proficient HR service. If organizations lack few of them but, are well equipped with their HR practices and strategies they would surely gain many preferences from experienced and well matched candidates. Besides, these entire advantages one particular thing that hypes the demand of these employment firms is that outsourcing manpower consultants save money and time for the employer as well as the candidates and make their work at ease.

Recruiting higher officials- a tricky job

Now days the business field has become much more competent and money minded. Corporate today entertain a multi-tasker who is well equipped with skills to perform many roles and responsibilities at a time. But, this does not mean that potential and years of experience and sound knowledge in a particular field ahs no value. Of course there are companies with different and specific requirements and neglect talent with expertise in a single field but, when it comes to industry giants a true potential candidate or expert professional can never get disappointed with the corporate sector. One should only know the skill of recognizing that talent and matching with industry requirement and who else can do it best apart from a specialized recruitment agency.

Outsourcing manpower consultants has become a trend for the business sector today. But, more than a trend it is a necessity as an expert recruitment firm has an eye to judge the right talent suitable for a particular company. Fresher or aspiring professionals make an easy entry in the corporate field but, once they grow mature in experience and knowledge and skills, finding a suitable job matching their potential and talent is not an easy job. In such a scenario, expert manpower consultants has to undergo each detail to dig out their diversity and forte separately and then get them a job matching their years of credibility. Now, why recruiting higher officials is a tricky job? This is the question to look for.

Well, due to countless recruitment agencies making their way to the business field not all can understand the specific requirement of candidates as well as companies. Normally, start up agencies get a hiring job and call numerous candidates to increase their call. These firms even offer an experienced candidate a job much low than his or her potential which is a wrong way to go. This not only makes the higher official under paid but, demotes their career by bringing them a wrong job. Instead a professional manpower consultant would spend time understanding the skills, experience, knowledge and expectations of a candidate and a company both and then carry forward the entire process of recruitment.

Besides, a recruitment agency with good hiring skills makes it an easy job. They offer expert advice that not only helps in upgrading the career of higher officials and offer them a secure career and equip the company with talented and potential professionals to improve their annual growth rate.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to judge for empanelment to a Recruitment Consultant

Being a candidate, one always desires to get the best possible job as per their credentials. For making this happen, it is very essential to approach a manpower consultant that understands the particular industry or sector you belong to and accordingly get you a job. Any recruitment agency that is able to satisfy the employer as well as the candidate in terms of salary structure, job description, roles and responsibilities and other essentials. An efficient manpower consultant who would recommend a particular organization on HR policies, payment package, incentive structure, performance assessment for attracting and retaining the talent of the company is worth every candidate’s attention. Now, the question stands that how to judge a recruitment agency on its empanelment quotient? Well, the best way to do so is to look for the agency’s testimonials and seek for facilities that it provides you when hiring candidates for a particular job.
For instance, a recruitment agency should be well balanced with the requirements of the company as well as a candidates needs. If they are doing a well versed employer branding then they should also look for your comfort and standard. Any recruitment agency who talks and serves you with facilities such as canteen, commuting facility, a proper and written HR structure, PF , leaves and other funds reimbursement with proper documentation is a must visit agency among all. Being a candidate if you can find any of such agency serving you with almost all such facilities then going for it would be an apt decision to make from your part.
In an era, where finding a manpower consultant is as easy as buying crockery, one must pay attention on details as a right employment firm can make your career and take you to great heights of success. Besides, your financial status and identity depends a lot on your job and a good job can only come from an experienced and perceptive manpower consultant. The more you would get involved in choosing your consultant right the better job opportunity you would get. As suggested earlier, keeping an eye on the HR policies, compensation structure and other necessary details is the best way to make out the potential of a particular recruitment firm.

With new and advanced recruitment ways and techniques coming up, there are potential manpower consultants who are making a stand in the market by offering the employers as well as the candidates with best matched work professionals. Being a candidate one just has to be careful enough to opt for the right job platform and option so that they could enjoy a fruitful and established career ahead.

Upcoming power project has huge job opportunities for civil engineers

Over the past few years, the career graph of civil engineers seems to be improving tremendously. With more and more projects coming up in this field, the job opportunities for civil engineers have grown immensely. If we go by facts and figures, 25 power projects are to be started by the end of 2010 in the entire Middle East and North Africa and other associate regions. These projects are estimated to go from $42 million to $5 billion in budget resulting in rewarding countless jobs for professionals in this field. This power project jointly has been named as MENA power 2010 by the officials and stakeholders in this private sector. Keeping a track of this booming industry, the manpower consultants are doing every bit to get involved in the same by providing experienced and potential candidates to do the needful to the employers.
Besides, there are other power projects coming up this year such as USTDA. This very project was initiated by the commitment made by President Obama in 2009 in Cairo to establish and maintain economic development in Muslim-majority areas and communities. This very project would involve gas-fired combined cycle, cogeneration, solar, rural electrification, transmission and distribution upgrades, smart grid technologies, wind, hydro and biomass power generation and other associate developments. The whole idea behind launching such projects is to bring in more and more work and economic stability in the required regions of Asia and other developing parts of the world. For making all this happen, there is indeed a lot of requirement of man power and thus, recruitment agencies have a lot of role and responsibility in starting and making this event a grand success.
Engineers are undoubtedly excited about these projects however, they are a bit confused when it comes to approaching the right manpower consultant dealing with such rewarding job opportunities. With more and more recruitment agency coming up every year, it has become a bit difficult to choose the right one. So, what to do? Being an aspiring or experienced professional one must look for a recruitment agency that has experience, wide approach and immense potential and right kind of employer contacts. A specialized and expert recruitment agency can only get the right kind of job to civil engineers or any one else for that matter. If you go by just any employment firm you might end up being a wrong fit for an employer. Thus, always make sure you know your priorities and accordingly approach an expert manpower consultant to do the needful to your career.

Talent Acquisition is a major role in Human Resource Segment

Today, where organizations are looking forward to gain a competitive edge in this impulsive market, their capacity to catch the attention and retain talented professionals has become their main focus. Keeping this in mind all small and large organizations are doing their best to gain over an effective talent acquisition approach. Talent acquisition is the latest human resource tool to recognize a candidate’s inherent skills, quality, knowledge, personality and other respective traits. The renowned manpower consultants identity all such traits in a candidate and offer him a matching job.
Every one has some or the other talent that is best suited for a particular job, switching on to just any job might cause discomfort. It is the work of the Management specifically theHuman Resource Department to consign candidates with forethought and caution. A wrong placement would results in further recruiting, re-training and similar unproductive activities. A specialized recruitment agency understands this very fact and approach a professional with his type of job.
Since the recruitment process is a bit crucial thing for both the company and the candidate thus, a recruitment agency should note three very essential steps while implementing the approach of talent acquisition. Firstly, the recruitment firms practices massive consolidation of talents without understanding the actual requirement. This let go the unfit or comparatively less productive manpower replacing them with the new hired candidates. This is a totally wrong way to go as it hampers the professionals the most. This is the most common practice undertaken by the IT industry which makes it completely unstable for anyone.
Secondly, with increased number of manpower consultants everyone is rushing to get through a particular job. There are employment firms that do not believe in talent acquisition process and run with the main focus of earning profits. These firms make it pretty easy for the candidates to go for a wrong fit. Last but not the least, today companies are focusing on quantitative approach rather than going for a qualitative one. This is making the companies hire new professionals every now and then, making it a bit complex for both the candidates and themselves. Thus, respective manpower consultants must focus on talent achievement & purchase and do the needful to hire and retain the right candidate for a particular job profile.
All these factors make the process of talent acquisition a major concern for a recruitment agency as well as the companies.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Video resume a latest approach

Gone are the days when people literally use to walk by the roads to wander from one office to another just to get a job. Today, professional manpower consultants are not only focused on getting a perfect candidate for the right job but, to introduce new and improved ways to hire them. It ease the entire process of professional recruitment making it short and crisp for the consultants, candidates and moreover the organizations. Video resume is one of the current ways through which the employers or the recruitment firms and candidates are able to interact directly to each other knowing and understanding them better.
It is becoming a latest trend for people across the world to use networking sites and multimedia for applying to a particular job. Social sites like YouTube offer this facility to upload your video resume and send it across to directly to a mass audience that might target your potential employer. This is an excellent way to knowing the interpersonal and communication skills of any candidate. Besides, one can better understand the skills, talent, work experience and other necessary details through this technique. No matter whether you are an employer or an employee, you can always access it online and find the best matched job for yourself.
Since video resumes can actually do wonders for you thus, being a candidate you must be carefully on preparing it. Give it a professional look with collaborating your education background, work experience, skills, technical knowledge, attire, behavior, etc. One must remember the fact that a resume is the first step of professional selection by a potential employer or recruitment agency. Thus, special attention is needed on the details you want to put in. Try and avoid giving long elaboration about yourself and work profile as employers would not sit at their place for long hours just to listen to you. Make it short, informative and interesting.
The idea for concept has been taken from the networking sites where in through web cams, chats, videos, etc. one can exchange their views about a particular thing. This is indeed a very productive way to judge the candidate in terms of their communication, technical knowledge and professional attitude. Not only the manpower consultants but, even the employers can make a comment or give a feedback there and then on the video resume. This is cost effective, time saving and absolutely a convenient option for today’s generation. A video resume is indeed perfect blend of technology and business!

Having a consultancy with specialization

Multinational companies looking forward to manpower consultants have a huge variety of expert recruitment groups to decide from. In such an era do you think it would be wise enough to approach just any agency for getting a job? A consultancy specializing in a certain area of work recognizes the right candidate for apt company. Their prior experience and vast knowledge in a particular field allows them to pick and choose the deserving candidates suiting a particular profile. Today, HR consultancies are wide spread across the local corporate and international markets. Now, why and how to choose a particular one among them specializing in your selective area of work is the question to look for.
Organizations that outsource their HR services seek for professional manpower consultants who understand the business and work according to the industry norms. A consultancy gaining expertise in their business would already be aware of the job description, role and responsibility for the requirement candidate and shall work accordingly. For any other recruitment firm it would be a whole new process of knowing, understanding and then recruiting the candidates. Besides, they might even miss upon the essential details which might play a vital role in hiring a right candidate.
For instance, if you do not have enough knowledge about IT field how are you going to hire Software executives? There has to be a special requirement to fit in that criterion. No wonder the company would give you a brief still, there are more chances to miss out on a good candidate profile if you are not well versed with the industry and work profile.
Candidates who look for a specific job in a particular sector should look for a recruitment agency must that not only specializes in that field but, also understands your priorities and job standard. It is important for a job seeker to understand that multinational or reputed business groups would prefer to approach a specialist rather than appointing a jack of all trades for them. While hiring any candidate for a particular profile, there are a lot of factors involved. Ranging from suitability of the candidate for that particular profile to the negotiation in pay package, it is the responsibility of an expert recruitment agency to fetch you job that not only grows your financial but, also helps you grow as an identity.
Besides, there are other numerous benefits to have a recruitment agency with specialization in your particular area of work. Those who are enjoying a lavish designation and additional perks and services in a reputed national or international business have recognized this importance of taking help from an expert manpower consultant and are reaping the benefits there after.

Employer selection through recruiter

Now days, recruiting and staffing is becoming all the more challenging. It is no more just calling someone and sending the candidates for interview. One has to look into a lot of factor before doing that especially in case of higher level experienced employees. For instance, being a manpower consultant if you have a resume of a higher official suppose, 10 years experienced Director in Sales or Head Store Manager then you cannot just ask him to go for an interview in any company for that matter. One has to match the profile of the candidate and company status and requirements before doing that. This is where an experienced and specialized recruitment agency comes in demand.
Expertise, novelty and competition force the organizations to hire employees with diverse and wider set of skills along with his or her specialized area of work. Today, demand from both ends of companies and employees have raised the level of recruitment globally. Taking about the experienced employees, they should look for recruitment firms that have a wide approach towards the multinational companies. Matching the potential, skills and experience of a particular official the renowned consultancy approach high tech companies that suit their level of expertise and financial requirement. Not all has the ability to link up with the best companies. So, to approach to these specialized recruitment agencies is a must and imperative decision to make for the employees.
You can best do employer selection through recruiters by submitting your resume and briefing the manpower consultants about your over all requirement about the company, your role and responsibilities. By doing this you can actually find a potential employer matching your capabilities the best. Being a job seeker you must possess certain qualities which you may discuss with your consultant before actually going for the interview. This is for those who either have just started or are in the initial years of their career. Remember that a reputed recruitment agency best understands your requirements and the company’s needs. Thus, balancing out both they proceed with the selection process on both ends.
If you surf through the Internet or in the market, you will surely get countless firms promising to give you a rewarding job and secure future but, how many of those promises are actually kept. Do you feel satisfied by your job even if you are selected? It is very essential that proceed with an employer that gives you a satisfying career in terms of your role and financial status. Thus, a potential employer selection through a recruiter, that too a specialized manpower consultant is really essential.

Employer Branding- the latest HR pitch

Today, the market is filled with countless small and large scale companies comprising different job profiles. Catering them all with right candidates is not only a crucial job but, also takes a lot of time and understanding to do it right by a recruitment agency. Though there are lot of ways to do them but, one of the most preferred one in present scenario is by branding the employer. Employer branding being one of the recent and effective human resource practices has gained a great stand in the market among the respective organizations as well as leaves an impact on the candidates. It is a way of understanding a particular firm and then elaborating it by putting a clear yet influential picture in front of the job seekers.
This very new concept articulates a company’s value proposition by giving a brief of its work culture, processes, professional outlook and employer- employee associations, presenting a new face of the organization. By understanding and implementing it the manpower consultants or human resource agencies has made it an essential part of their business.
As per Manmohan Bhutani, the Vice President of People and Operations, Fisery India, “Employer brand is about capturing the essence of an organization in a way that engages current and prospective talent. It expresses an organization’s ‘value proposition’—the entirety of its culture, systems, attitudes and employee relationships, providing a new focal point for the company.”
In the current era, an efficient employer brand is necessary for gaining a competitive edge over others. With time, Indian market and companies are becoming more and more strategic by using such HR tools to hunt and sustain talent. This no doubt results in the growth and development of any organization’s business and economy. For leveraging the concept of employer branding in the market and to the job seekers, these reputed manpower consultants make their efforts to bring out a wide yet apt choice for both job seekers and the company itself.
An interview was taken by SHRM or the Society for Human Resource Management with a recruitment agency or human resource service provider of multinational organizations established in India from three different work sectors such as Global supply chain solutions, the banking and financial services industry and clinical research firms. In this it was discovered that by utilizing such recruitment agendas or business strategies Indian employers have successfully opened up in the global market and vice versa.

“The rise of India, Inc. can be summarized in four words: from local to global,”
said Nirmalya Kumar from India Unleashed during a report in the year 2009.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


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The rising Indian manpower demand

From decades Indian talent and manpower has gained a grand stand in the international market. No matter which sector you talk about one cannot deny the proficiency of Indian professionals working throughout the nation and worldwide.

With the rise in the amount of jobs, the placement sector of India is booming its way to success. The extensive range of skilled and talented professionals and with more number of multinationals entering the market it has become easy for the recruitment firms to meet the business requirements and candidate’s preferences. But, which firm should you choose to get the right job still raises a question. Though you can conveniently find a large number of placement consultancies existing in the market but, it takes a good eye to differentiate between an effective and an ordinary recruitment firm. India is rising its way to ultimate hire and brings in more revenue to the individuals and nation subsequently.

In collaboration with the corporate, top notch MNCs, private organizations and even through the public sector these recruiters are contributing their bit to meet the Indian manpower demand. Indian candidates are not only in high demand by the national companies but, are also gaining recognition internationally. Thus, you might find 3 out of 10 people working abroad as Indians. Their innovative thoughts, undying talent and skill to work harder make them the favorite among all. Besides, Indian manpower is easily accessible and are ready to put in their 100% in their work. Their dedication has no limits which make them so popular across the world.

The Indian recruitment firms are well versed with these qualities of Indian manpower thus, they proficiently deliver the right candidate to the right company. No matter whether you are thinking of outsourcing human resource services from India or simply seeking for Indian manpower you will get it all as per your requirements in this very destination.

One of the main reasons the raised the level of placement industry in India is this very aspect of outsourcing the HR services. As you know India is a place where you can find knowledgeable and professional manpower without any hassle and even the recruitment firms are well aware of the tactics that are required to fulfill a company’s requirement and ultimately make the client satisfied. Thus, out of 10 almost 5 companies find it easier to outsource their HR services from India and meet their organization’s needs. This not only raises the Indian manpower demand but actually gives them a gratifying and rewarding career.

Besides, big organizations have a widely spread human resource department and operations thus, if you hire any reputed recruitment firm from India you can not manage your company’s HR needs but can keep it well organized.

Gratifying the talent and ability of Indian doctors

It would not be wrong to address Indian medical doctors at the very first place compared to all. The global medical sector has witnessed a growing rate of Indian medical doctors practicing their skills to upgrade the success rate of this very industry. No matter whether we talk about the physicians or pharmacists, surgeons or even the practitioners, India has served its most talented people to the world so that all can lead a healthy and hearty life. Besides, all this recognitions and wows from the people where do these doctors from India lack in? Well, despite of being capable to offer the best service there is no specific documentation made to give them recognition. This is where other medical doctors rule over the charts.

Indian medical doctors are spread all across the world including India. In fact, India itself is a great place to get treated. With advanced technologies, superb hospitality, grand hospitals, quality service, India is no far from being the hot spot of the medical industry. Above all, you can get these at very affordable price. For this very reason, more and more patients come to India for getting treated for their ailments. From the most advanced treatments like plastic surgery to the general yet effective ones such as Ayurveda or natural therapies, India is well known for its medical services throughout the globe. Regardless of being well-versed with scientific as well as natural treatments, India doctors do not get their worth.

If we take an in depth look at this matter, the problem might lie on the following areas:

Research- You must have heard that practice makes a man perfect. No doubt that Indian doctors stands high with flying numbers however, they mostly believe in following the trend and not inventing it. One of the essential factors to make yourself and your work visible is to practice your skills by treating others as well as implementing that knowledge to invent something new. This urge of research seems to be missing in India. This is why even if Mumbai has more MRI machines than UK; the papers always highlight the research work of UK MRI machines rather than noticing the hard work of doctors from India (Mumbai).

Infrastructure- The medical sector though is improving in India still, not many hospitals have the right kind of infrastructure they should have to treat a person. One of the reasons might be the unequal distribution of funds among the hospitals. Clearly, one hospital cannot fulfill the need of such a vastly distributed population in India and beyond it thus, the concerned authorities or Government should take measures to financially support more and more hospitals and doctors to do the needful in terms of bringing the right kind of equipments and necessary medicines and tools to treat patients well.

Impulsive approach- Many new practitioners or small clinic doctors might not have the right kind of knowledge about certain ailments or related medicines. If the recognized doctors take out some time and put in their knowledge on papers or journals then the knowledge would certainly help others. However, due to lack of time or impulsive approach rather these constructive things are yet to be done in India.

Commercialism- Finally, Indian doctors need to know how to commercialize their skills.

Engineering Recruitment

Today with hundreds of alleged engineering colleges coming up throughout the world, the expectations seem to be growing with this field. No wonder that recruiters are all set to hire new and fresh talent to grow the scope and success rate in this particular industry however, are the aspiring students heading on to the right engineering recruitment agencies to fulfill their dreams? One needs to answer this in their mind before seeking help from any of the employment groups.

Every year countless students apply in respective engineering colleges and universities in an urge to get a rewarding career however, many fail to do so due to many reasons one of the prime reasons is taking aid from a wrong place. Besides, the market is already full with experienced and highly knowledgeable candidates so why would someone go for a fresher? Basically, it is the universities that prepare an aspiring professional to meet the expectations in any field. With proper workshops, equipments, etc. one can actually help in making the students understand the obligations or the companies and the employment market as well.

Companies have no issues with hiring a fresher provided they are talented and well known with the work professional environment. One needs to be hard working, skilled and target driven in order to enter this market. Besides, if you approach right and smart half of your work is done there and then. Confused? A well- clued recruitment group knows the actual tactics to take the ball in his court. If you approach the right place, the consultants know the requirement of the companies seeking for engineers and allied executives and thus, will make you go to the right company preparing you well prior hand.

Consultants, agencies or employment groups follow a chronological procedure of calling, screening and choosing the trained people to meet the engineering recruitment company’s requirements. Besides, while matching a candidate with a company many factors have to be kept in mind, job description, eligibility, pay roll, etc. Even if the market is flooded with engineering jobs or not, where to send which candidate, is a crucial decision to make which is easily done by the talented employment firms.

Though the scope of this sector is bright and gratifying however, the increasing competition might prove to be a drawback to the aspiring professionals. A devoted engineering recruitment firm recognizes the company requirements and job seeker needs. Thus, they come up with suitable candidates to fulfill adequate job vacancies. With quality and best job offers these dedicated consultants not only make right candidates worth a job but also, make the companies proud and assist them run successfully.

So, make sure you keep a sharp eye while choosing a recruitment agency for yourself in this very sector.

Go for the right Consultant Selection

For people who are relaxing with five star treatments in their respective offices would greet their jobs more than thousand times a day. But, who gave them such a grand platform to showcase their talent and skills? This is the question to look for! In an urge to get a job we wander through the nooks and corners of recruitments industry. We all would agree that once in our professional life especially in the initial years, we have jumped upon the career opportunity that came across our path resulting in overtime, dying hard to get a promotion, extra work and even work on weekends. Besides, such a crucial situation we had the satisfaction to have a job at least. Well, one must never quit from working hard but, should know the difference between meticulous work and exploitation. A talented recruitment consultant knows the potential of a particular candidate and has the ability to hit bull’s eye by placing them in perfect companies.

Not all can recognize the important of consultant selection. It can either do wonders for your career in next few years or can bring it down completely.

Given below are few pointers explaining about the consultant selection process:

  • Look through the recruitment consultant’s work profile & experience
  • Keep and eye on the services it offers
  • Read through its testimonials and previous clients
  • Have an in depth knowledge of its market presence and industry reach
  • Check out their candidate selection process
  • Know about their placement score annually

If your recruitment consultant scores well as per the above criteria then you must get recruited through that particular consultancy.

Benefits of a right consultant

Well, a right job will not only give you self satisfaction and an identity in the industry but, will also enhance your financial stability. But, the question is how you will get that right job. It is the responsibility of the recruitment firm to get you placed in a renowned company. Your preference in terms of salary, designation, facilities and most of all, job satisfaction matters a lot.

Earlier people use to wander from one company to other for getting just a job. With time priorities have changed. Today, we want everything as fast as possible. Meeting this high priority of life, the best recruitment consultants bring us the adequate job profile that suits us the best.

No wonder you might find some or the other job but, will that give you the same satisfaction and dignity that a renowned recruitment consultant would through a perfect job. Statistics have proved that no matter where you are a top notch consultant will get you the right company when you need it the most. Thus, consultant selection holds such a prime importance in a candidate’s life.

A Potential employer search

Looking for a potential employer is often the first step towards going through a successful interview process and finding the right job. Identifying where to look and what to look for is decisive. By the advent of apparent manpower consultants finding jobs has never been so effortless and perfect.

Today, no wonder online job portals are offering a free service to all its customers and few small scale employment firms are personally calling various candidates. But, being a candidate do you always receive a job call for the right profile? Though hundreds of jobs are flooded online as well as in the market but, the procedure of short listing the right candidate for an apt profile can still be accurately done by a renowned recruitment agency.

Besides, there are other various factors that make the manpower consulting firms overpower the other existing employment sources for that matter.

Manpower consultants v/s other employment sources

The reason behind this accuracy of these top notch manpower consultants is their detailed research work and personal attention to candidate work profile. A good recruitment firm would always do an in depth research on the past experience, roles, responsibilities, education and skills about a particular candidate. Try and match it with the given profile and then give you a call, no matter how urgent the requirement is. But, this is somewhere lacking in the job portals or forthcoming employment groups. No wonder even the networking sites like LinkedIn and all are doing a great job by letting people know about the vacancy in a particular company but, what is the reach of such sites? A manpower consultant that understands their job would consider many factors in terms of reach, suitability, profile, salary package, etc. before giving you a call.

The difference does not end here! There is a lot more that adds on to the potential of a professional recruitment agency. In an urge to find a potential employer for a skilled and talented professional, these firms put in their best efforts to find a well structured company that suits the requirement from both ends. They make sure that not only the company but, even the candidate is happy to find such a satisfying job in every aspect. A potential employer obviously means good growth personally as well as financially, a high standard of living and an individual identity in the market.

So, if you really want to give your career that much needed hike then search for a potential employer with the help of a top notch recruitment agency.