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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Sunil Juyal

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The rising Indian manpower demand

From decades Indian talent and manpower has gained a grand stand in the international market. No matter which sector you talk about one cannot deny the proficiency of Indian professionals working throughout the nation and worldwide.

With the rise in the amount of jobs, the placement sector of India is booming its way to success. The extensive range of skilled and talented professionals and with more number of multinationals entering the market it has become easy for the recruitment firms to meet the business requirements and candidate’s preferences. But, which firm should you choose to get the right job still raises a question. Though you can conveniently find a large number of placement consultancies existing in the market but, it takes a good eye to differentiate between an effective and an ordinary recruitment firm. India is rising its way to ultimate hire and brings in more revenue to the individuals and nation subsequently.

In collaboration with the corporate, top notch MNCs, private organizations and even through the public sector these recruiters are contributing their bit to meet the Indian manpower demand. Indian candidates are not only in high demand by the national companies but, are also gaining recognition internationally. Thus, you might find 3 out of 10 people working abroad as Indians. Their innovative thoughts, undying talent and skill to work harder make them the favorite among all. Besides, Indian manpower is easily accessible and are ready to put in their 100% in their work. Their dedication has no limits which make them so popular across the world.

The Indian recruitment firms are well versed with these qualities of Indian manpower thus, they proficiently deliver the right candidate to the right company. No matter whether you are thinking of outsourcing human resource services from India or simply seeking for Indian manpower you will get it all as per your requirements in this very destination.

One of the main reasons the raised the level of placement industry in India is this very aspect of outsourcing the HR services. As you know India is a place where you can find knowledgeable and professional manpower without any hassle and even the recruitment firms are well aware of the tactics that are required to fulfill a company’s requirement and ultimately make the client satisfied. Thus, out of 10 almost 5 companies find it easier to outsource their HR services from India and meet their organization’s needs. This not only raises the Indian manpower demand but actually gives them a gratifying and rewarding career.

Besides, big organizations have a widely spread human resource department and operations thus, if you hire any reputed recruitment firm from India you can not manage your company’s HR needs but can keep it well organized.

Gratifying the talent and ability of Indian doctors

It would not be wrong to address Indian medical doctors at the very first place compared to all. The global medical sector has witnessed a growing rate of Indian medical doctors practicing their skills to upgrade the success rate of this very industry. No matter whether we talk about the physicians or pharmacists, surgeons or even the practitioners, India has served its most talented people to the world so that all can lead a healthy and hearty life. Besides, all this recognitions and wows from the people where do these doctors from India lack in? Well, despite of being capable to offer the best service there is no specific documentation made to give them recognition. This is where other medical doctors rule over the charts.

Indian medical doctors are spread all across the world including India. In fact, India itself is a great place to get treated. With advanced technologies, superb hospitality, grand hospitals, quality service, India is no far from being the hot spot of the medical industry. Above all, you can get these at very affordable price. For this very reason, more and more patients come to India for getting treated for their ailments. From the most advanced treatments like plastic surgery to the general yet effective ones such as Ayurveda or natural therapies, India is well known for its medical services throughout the globe. Regardless of being well-versed with scientific as well as natural treatments, India doctors do not get their worth.

If we take an in depth look at this matter, the problem might lie on the following areas:

Research- You must have heard that practice makes a man perfect. No doubt that Indian doctors stands high with flying numbers however, they mostly believe in following the trend and not inventing it. One of the essential factors to make yourself and your work visible is to practice your skills by treating others as well as implementing that knowledge to invent something new. This urge of research seems to be missing in India. This is why even if Mumbai has more MRI machines than UK; the papers always highlight the research work of UK MRI machines rather than noticing the hard work of doctors from India (Mumbai).

Infrastructure- The medical sector though is improving in India still, not many hospitals have the right kind of infrastructure they should have to treat a person. One of the reasons might be the unequal distribution of funds among the hospitals. Clearly, one hospital cannot fulfill the need of such a vastly distributed population in India and beyond it thus, the concerned authorities or Government should take measures to financially support more and more hospitals and doctors to do the needful in terms of bringing the right kind of equipments and necessary medicines and tools to treat patients well.

Impulsive approach- Many new practitioners or small clinic doctors might not have the right kind of knowledge about certain ailments or related medicines. If the recognized doctors take out some time and put in their knowledge on papers or journals then the knowledge would certainly help others. However, due to lack of time or impulsive approach rather these constructive things are yet to be done in India.

Commercialism- Finally, Indian doctors need to know how to commercialize their skills.

Engineering Recruitment

Today with hundreds of alleged engineering colleges coming up throughout the world, the expectations seem to be growing with this field. No wonder that recruiters are all set to hire new and fresh talent to grow the scope and success rate in this particular industry however, are the aspiring students heading on to the right engineering recruitment agencies to fulfill their dreams? One needs to answer this in their mind before seeking help from any of the employment groups.

Every year countless students apply in respective engineering colleges and universities in an urge to get a rewarding career however, many fail to do so due to many reasons one of the prime reasons is taking aid from a wrong place. Besides, the market is already full with experienced and highly knowledgeable candidates so why would someone go for a fresher? Basically, it is the universities that prepare an aspiring professional to meet the expectations in any field. With proper workshops, equipments, etc. one can actually help in making the students understand the obligations or the companies and the employment market as well.

Companies have no issues with hiring a fresher provided they are talented and well known with the work professional environment. One needs to be hard working, skilled and target driven in order to enter this market. Besides, if you approach right and smart half of your work is done there and then. Confused? A well- clued recruitment group knows the actual tactics to take the ball in his court. If you approach the right place, the consultants know the requirement of the companies seeking for engineers and allied executives and thus, will make you go to the right company preparing you well prior hand.

Consultants, agencies or employment groups follow a chronological procedure of calling, screening and choosing the trained people to meet the engineering recruitment company’s requirements. Besides, while matching a candidate with a company many factors have to be kept in mind, job description, eligibility, pay roll, etc. Even if the market is flooded with engineering jobs or not, where to send which candidate, is a crucial decision to make which is easily done by the talented employment firms.

Though the scope of this sector is bright and gratifying however, the increasing competition might prove to be a drawback to the aspiring professionals. A devoted engineering recruitment firm recognizes the company requirements and job seeker needs. Thus, they come up with suitable candidates to fulfill adequate job vacancies. With quality and best job offers these dedicated consultants not only make right candidates worth a job but also, make the companies proud and assist them run successfully.

So, make sure you keep a sharp eye while choosing a recruitment agency for yourself in this very sector.

Go for the right Consultant Selection

For people who are relaxing with five star treatments in their respective offices would greet their jobs more than thousand times a day. But, who gave them such a grand platform to showcase their talent and skills? This is the question to look for! In an urge to get a job we wander through the nooks and corners of recruitments industry. We all would agree that once in our professional life especially in the initial years, we have jumped upon the career opportunity that came across our path resulting in overtime, dying hard to get a promotion, extra work and even work on weekends. Besides, such a crucial situation we had the satisfaction to have a job at least. Well, one must never quit from working hard but, should know the difference between meticulous work and exploitation. A talented recruitment consultant knows the potential of a particular candidate and has the ability to hit bull’s eye by placing them in perfect companies.

Not all can recognize the important of consultant selection. It can either do wonders for your career in next few years or can bring it down completely.

Given below are few pointers explaining about the consultant selection process:

  • Look through the recruitment consultant’s work profile & experience
  • Keep and eye on the services it offers
  • Read through its testimonials and previous clients
  • Have an in depth knowledge of its market presence and industry reach
  • Check out their candidate selection process
  • Know about their placement score annually

If your recruitment consultant scores well as per the above criteria then you must get recruited through that particular consultancy.

Benefits of a right consultant

Well, a right job will not only give you self satisfaction and an identity in the industry but, will also enhance your financial stability. But, the question is how you will get that right job. It is the responsibility of the recruitment firm to get you placed in a renowned company. Your preference in terms of salary, designation, facilities and most of all, job satisfaction matters a lot.

Earlier people use to wander from one company to other for getting just a job. With time priorities have changed. Today, we want everything as fast as possible. Meeting this high priority of life, the best recruitment consultants bring us the adequate job profile that suits us the best.

No wonder you might find some or the other job but, will that give you the same satisfaction and dignity that a renowned recruitment consultant would through a perfect job. Statistics have proved that no matter where you are a top notch consultant will get you the right company when you need it the most. Thus, consultant selection holds such a prime importance in a candidate’s life.

A Potential employer search

Looking for a potential employer is often the first step towards going through a successful interview process and finding the right job. Identifying where to look and what to look for is decisive. By the advent of apparent manpower consultants finding jobs has never been so effortless and perfect.

Today, no wonder online job portals are offering a free service to all its customers and few small scale employment firms are personally calling various candidates. But, being a candidate do you always receive a job call for the right profile? Though hundreds of jobs are flooded online as well as in the market but, the procedure of short listing the right candidate for an apt profile can still be accurately done by a renowned recruitment agency.

Besides, there are other various factors that make the manpower consulting firms overpower the other existing employment sources for that matter.

Manpower consultants v/s other employment sources

The reason behind this accuracy of these top notch manpower consultants is their detailed research work and personal attention to candidate work profile. A good recruitment firm would always do an in depth research on the past experience, roles, responsibilities, education and skills about a particular candidate. Try and match it with the given profile and then give you a call, no matter how urgent the requirement is. But, this is somewhere lacking in the job portals or forthcoming employment groups. No wonder even the networking sites like LinkedIn and all are doing a great job by letting people know about the vacancy in a particular company but, what is the reach of such sites? A manpower consultant that understands their job would consider many factors in terms of reach, suitability, profile, salary package, etc. before giving you a call.

The difference does not end here! There is a lot more that adds on to the potential of a professional recruitment agency. In an urge to find a potential employer for a skilled and talented professional, these firms put in their best efforts to find a well structured company that suits the requirement from both ends. They make sure that not only the company but, even the candidate is happy to find such a satisfying job in every aspect. A potential employer obviously means good growth personally as well as financially, a high standard of living and an individual identity in the market.

So, if you really want to give your career that much needed hike then search for a potential employer with the help of a top notch recruitment agency.