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Friday, August 27, 2010

SEO Sunil Juyal Blog: Why the reference check is necessary to hire an em...

SEO Sunil Juyal Blog: Why the reference check is necessary to hire an em...: "The recruitment process is crucial and requires a lot of detailed research. It involves a lot of things, one of which is reference check. ..."

Why the reference check is necessary to hire an employee?

The recruitment process is crucial and requires a lot of detailed research. It involves a lot of things, one of which is reference check. Whenever employers or manpower consultants’ shortlist candidates considering their talent and skills, it becomes very essential to keep an eye on his or her previous records so as to know their strengths and weaknesses. Thus, a reference check or verification is done.
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What is a reference check?

Well, before calling in for the final interview candidates are asked to give their colleague’s or higher official’s number so that the interested employer or its respective recruitment agency can have a word with them and know better about the candidate’s interpersonal skills. This check can even be done by the respective company official. It is very essential to do a reference check so as to know the candidate better and judge whether he or she would be apt for the particular position.

Why it is important to do a reference check?

This gives the organizations a clear idea about the candidate, his or her behavior, skills, individual and team work capabilities, etc. Besides, there are candidates who might exaggerate their experience, role and responsibilities. A reference check is the first step to check the real aptitude and attitude of the short listed candidates.

Often professionals have that talent but, lack attitude to fit in a particular profile. For instance, if the profile is of a business head then one has to handle a lot of clients throughout the day. This profile needs someone patient, diplomatic, quick in response and sensible. Being a candidate if you have the qualification and experience but, someone or the other if you lack these skills then it might get difficult for you to tackle clients which would indirectly effect on the growth of the company.

Companies usually do not have extra time to spare on such things thus, they ask their respective manpower consultants to do the needful in this case. An expert recruitment agency understands the importance of such checks thus, put in their best efforts to undertake this responsibility. However, there are consultants who being new to the industry or due to any other reason skip these checks. This is where they lack the expertise to know a candidate better and match up their skills to the company’s requirement.

Thus, it is very decisive and important to do a reference check before hiring any employee.

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5 Tips on how to get an employee

Today, candidates search more for potential employers rather than going for just any company. Main reasons behind this are that the job reliability and associate services for employees are more in reputed companies that attract them than anything else. Besides, there are other various evident advantages of working with potential employers. This makes the stand of other organizations a bit low. Employees seek more for convenient facilities and reliable companies. There might be companies who are new to any business sector and thus, might lack few of the facilities for employees. Such organizations might have a lot of potential and might compensate their services with extra pay but, they certainly need the right way or assistance to approach right candidates and professionals to work with them. Company officials or respective manpower consultants choose various ways to approach candidates and get right employees for an organization, some of which are discussed below.

How to get employees?

Well, different organizations have diverse ways of hunting right kind of candidates to match their company’s requirement. Few of the tips are given below that are usually adopted by companies or manpower consultants to get employees:

• Outsource a Recruitment Agency: By hiring a recruitment agency, an employer can easily manage and make things done for them. Starting from executive research to pay rolls, managing key accounts to international and national recruitment, a specialized recruitment firm can do it all for you at reasonable cost. These firms not only consult the candidates but, undertake all necessary roles and responsibilities in hiring a candidate for an organization. These firms charge the organizations as per the services and recruiting position.
• Online: There are various job portals online where in employers or recruitment agencies can post the vacancy and get response from interested professionals. After getting countless responses from the interested candidates, the entire recruitment process is carried on. This indeed is a very time consuming and crucial job to do. Thus, you may hire an expert consultant to do the job for you so that being an employer you can focus on your core business.
• Headhunting: Calling up candidates and asking them to come for interview might seem to be an easy job but, a professional recruitment agency does not stop there. These firms head hunt potential professionals and candidates matching their skills, experience and exposure on a particular work field for various companies. The specialized consultants find reputed employers for experienced and talented candidates. It involves a lot of research, detailing and expertise.
• Reference: Once you start working you start growing your business and social circle where in you might develop many contacts from different work fields. You may use such personal or work contacts for getting the right candidate for your employer or client. Besides, at times candidates share their personal contacts, references of friends or near ones which a recruitment agency might use for enrollment. It then becomes the job of the recruiter as well as the agency to cross check these references and bring in right talent.
• Print Media: Here in companies or manpower consultants place advertisements of various vacant positions and get reply. The interested candidates directly approach the companies or recruitment consultants by sending a mails or calling them.

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Why Indian Doctors are in demand for overseas recruitment?

Being in the medical profession, makes you feel more responsible towards the mankind. Doctors and associate professionals are since ever in demand as they cure the harmful and injurious ailments in today’s world. Due to many reasons such as unhealthy diet, pollution, unhygienic habitat, etc. people tend to fall ill and thus, doctors and other associates are needed to treat and take care of the patient’s health. Medical field is a noble profession and is needed by all. However, it has been noticed since past couple of years that Indian doctors are getting in high demand not only nationally but, overseas as well. If we go by the current figures, near by 60,000 of Indian doctors and associate professionals of medical field get recruited by many international hospitals, pharmaceuticals and other relevant firms.

The team of National Health Services in United Kingdom constitutes almost 11% of Indian doctors. With strong academics, urge to learn, innovative ideas and skilled approach, doctors and physicians from India gain a great stand nationally and internationally. This makes them the strength of medical industry in foreign countries like UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Companies, hospitals and other relevant firms look for specialized Indian manpower consultants who could bring in such talent to help the mankind throughout the globe through their exceptional skills. Now, why the demand is high when it comes specifically to Indian doctors? Well, India is a place filled with talented people from every field and as compared to other developed nations Indian physicians takes more responsibility and less pay package to work and grow the entire medical field.

Besides, since time immemorial India is known for its medical practices and healing power of Ayurveda as well as modern science. Thus, Indian physicians and doctors already have great domain knowledge about the same which they can further contribute and assist in upgrading the medical field throughout the world. An expert Indian recruitment agency who understands the medical field and gain expertise in recruiting medical professionals, physicians and doctors can help the international firms to bring forward talented and potential professionals from this particular field.

Even for the Indian medical professionals it becomes a lucrative option to go overseas and work as they get a chance to learn to practice more advance technology to treat or cure a particular ailment. It not only gives them a financial boost but, provides them a platform with big opportunities and better future. This would even help people worldwide to get enhanced medical services and treatments. A specialized medical recruitment agency can make such professionals fulfill their dream of getting a rewarding career and helps in improving the state of world medical sector.

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