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Friday, July 23, 2010

Video resume a latest approach

Gone are the days when people literally use to walk by the roads to wander from one office to another just to get a job. Today, professional manpower consultants are not only focused on getting a perfect candidate for the right job but, to introduce new and improved ways to hire them. It ease the entire process of professional recruitment making it short and crisp for the consultants, candidates and moreover the organizations. Video resume is one of the current ways through which the employers or the recruitment firms and candidates are able to interact directly to each other knowing and understanding them better.
It is becoming a latest trend for people across the world to use networking sites and multimedia for applying to a particular job. Social sites like YouTube offer this facility to upload your video resume and send it across to directly to a mass audience that might target your potential employer. This is an excellent way to knowing the interpersonal and communication skills of any candidate. Besides, one can better understand the skills, talent, work experience and other necessary details through this technique. No matter whether you are an employer or an employee, you can always access it online and find the best matched job for yourself.
Since video resumes can actually do wonders for you thus, being a candidate you must be carefully on preparing it. Give it a professional look with collaborating your education background, work experience, skills, technical knowledge, attire, behavior, etc. One must remember the fact that a resume is the first step of professional selection by a potential employer or recruitment agency. Thus, special attention is needed on the details you want to put in. Try and avoid giving long elaboration about yourself and work profile as employers would not sit at their place for long hours just to listen to you. Make it short, informative and interesting.
The idea for concept has been taken from the networking sites where in through web cams, chats, videos, etc. one can exchange their views about a particular thing. This is indeed a very productive way to judge the candidate in terms of their communication, technical knowledge and professional attitude. Not only the manpower consultants but, even the employers can make a comment or give a feedback there and then on the video resume. This is cost effective, time saving and absolutely a convenient option for today’s generation. A video resume is indeed perfect blend of technology and business!

Having a consultancy with specialization

Multinational companies looking forward to manpower consultants have a huge variety of expert recruitment groups to decide from. In such an era do you think it would be wise enough to approach just any agency for getting a job? A consultancy specializing in a certain area of work recognizes the right candidate for apt company. Their prior experience and vast knowledge in a particular field allows them to pick and choose the deserving candidates suiting a particular profile. Today, HR consultancies are wide spread across the local corporate and international markets. Now, why and how to choose a particular one among them specializing in your selective area of work is the question to look for.
Organizations that outsource their HR services seek for professional manpower consultants who understand the business and work according to the industry norms. A consultancy gaining expertise in their business would already be aware of the job description, role and responsibility for the requirement candidate and shall work accordingly. For any other recruitment firm it would be a whole new process of knowing, understanding and then recruiting the candidates. Besides, they might even miss upon the essential details which might play a vital role in hiring a right candidate.
For instance, if you do not have enough knowledge about IT field how are you going to hire Software executives? There has to be a special requirement to fit in that criterion. No wonder the company would give you a brief still, there are more chances to miss out on a good candidate profile if you are not well versed with the industry and work profile.
Candidates who look for a specific job in a particular sector should look for a recruitment agency must that not only specializes in that field but, also understands your priorities and job standard. It is important for a job seeker to understand that multinational or reputed business groups would prefer to approach a specialist rather than appointing a jack of all trades for them. While hiring any candidate for a particular profile, there are a lot of factors involved. Ranging from suitability of the candidate for that particular profile to the negotiation in pay package, it is the responsibility of an expert recruitment agency to fetch you job that not only grows your financial but, also helps you grow as an identity.
Besides, there are other numerous benefits to have a recruitment agency with specialization in your particular area of work. Those who are enjoying a lavish designation and additional perks and services in a reputed national or international business have recognized this importance of taking help from an expert manpower consultant and are reaping the benefits there after.

Employer selection through recruiter

Now days, recruiting and staffing is becoming all the more challenging. It is no more just calling someone and sending the candidates for interview. One has to look into a lot of factor before doing that especially in case of higher level experienced employees. For instance, being a manpower consultant if you have a resume of a higher official suppose, 10 years experienced Director in Sales or Head Store Manager then you cannot just ask him to go for an interview in any company for that matter. One has to match the profile of the candidate and company status and requirements before doing that. This is where an experienced and specialized recruitment agency comes in demand.
Expertise, novelty and competition force the organizations to hire employees with diverse and wider set of skills along with his or her specialized area of work. Today, demand from both ends of companies and employees have raised the level of recruitment globally. Taking about the experienced employees, they should look for recruitment firms that have a wide approach towards the multinational companies. Matching the potential, skills and experience of a particular official the renowned consultancy approach high tech companies that suit their level of expertise and financial requirement. Not all has the ability to link up with the best companies. So, to approach to these specialized recruitment agencies is a must and imperative decision to make for the employees.
You can best do employer selection through recruiters by submitting your resume and briefing the manpower consultants about your over all requirement about the company, your role and responsibilities. By doing this you can actually find a potential employer matching your capabilities the best. Being a job seeker you must possess certain qualities which you may discuss with your consultant before actually going for the interview. This is for those who either have just started or are in the initial years of their career. Remember that a reputed recruitment agency best understands your requirements and the company’s needs. Thus, balancing out both they proceed with the selection process on both ends.
If you surf through the Internet or in the market, you will surely get countless firms promising to give you a rewarding job and secure future but, how many of those promises are actually kept. Do you feel satisfied by your job even if you are selected? It is very essential that proceed with an employer that gives you a satisfying career in terms of your role and financial status. Thus, a potential employer selection through a recruiter, that too a specialized manpower consultant is really essential.

Employer Branding- the latest HR pitch

Today, the market is filled with countless small and large scale companies comprising different job profiles. Catering them all with right candidates is not only a crucial job but, also takes a lot of time and understanding to do it right by a recruitment agency. Though there are lot of ways to do them but, one of the most preferred one in present scenario is by branding the employer. Employer branding being one of the recent and effective human resource practices has gained a great stand in the market among the respective organizations as well as leaves an impact on the candidates. It is a way of understanding a particular firm and then elaborating it by putting a clear yet influential picture in front of the job seekers.
This very new concept articulates a company’s value proposition by giving a brief of its work culture, processes, professional outlook and employer- employee associations, presenting a new face of the organization. By understanding and implementing it the manpower consultants or human resource agencies has made it an essential part of their business.
As per Manmohan Bhutani, the Vice President of People and Operations, Fisery India, “Employer brand is about capturing the essence of an organization in a way that engages current and prospective talent. It expresses an organization’s ‘value proposition’—the entirety of its culture, systems, attitudes and employee relationships, providing a new focal point for the company.”
In the current era, an efficient employer brand is necessary for gaining a competitive edge over others. With time, Indian market and companies are becoming more and more strategic by using such HR tools to hunt and sustain talent. This no doubt results in the growth and development of any organization’s business and economy. For leveraging the concept of employer branding in the market and to the job seekers, these reputed manpower consultants make their efforts to bring out a wide yet apt choice for both job seekers and the company itself.
An interview was taken by SHRM or the Society for Human Resource Management with a recruitment agency or human resource service provider of multinational organizations established in India from three different work sectors such as Global supply chain solutions, the banking and financial services industry and clinical research firms. In this it was discovered that by utilizing such recruitment agendas or business strategies Indian employers have successfully opened up in the global market and vice versa.

“The rise of India, Inc. can be summarized in four words: from local to global,”
said Nirmalya Kumar from India Unleashed during a report in the year 2009.