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Friday, July 23, 2010

Employer Branding- the latest HR pitch

Today, the market is filled with countless small and large scale companies comprising different job profiles. Catering them all with right candidates is not only a crucial job but, also takes a lot of time and understanding to do it right by a recruitment agency. Though there are lot of ways to do them but, one of the most preferred one in present scenario is by branding the employer. Employer branding being one of the recent and effective human resource practices has gained a great stand in the market among the respective organizations as well as leaves an impact on the candidates. It is a way of understanding a particular firm and then elaborating it by putting a clear yet influential picture in front of the job seekers.
This very new concept articulates a company’s value proposition by giving a brief of its work culture, processes, professional outlook and employer- employee associations, presenting a new face of the organization. By understanding and implementing it the manpower consultants or human resource agencies has made it an essential part of their business.
As per Manmohan Bhutani, the Vice President of People and Operations, Fisery India, “Employer brand is about capturing the essence of an organization in a way that engages current and prospective talent. It expresses an organization’s ‘value proposition’—the entirety of its culture, systems, attitudes and employee relationships, providing a new focal point for the company.”
In the current era, an efficient employer brand is necessary for gaining a competitive edge over others. With time, Indian market and companies are becoming more and more strategic by using such HR tools to hunt and sustain talent. This no doubt results in the growth and development of any organization’s business and economy. For leveraging the concept of employer branding in the market and to the job seekers, these reputed manpower consultants make their efforts to bring out a wide yet apt choice for both job seekers and the company itself.
An interview was taken by SHRM or the Society for Human Resource Management with a recruitment agency or human resource service provider of multinational organizations established in India from three different work sectors such as Global supply chain solutions, the banking and financial services industry and clinical research firms. In this it was discovered that by utilizing such recruitment agendas or business strategies Indian employers have successfully opened up in the global market and vice versa.

“The rise of India, Inc. can be summarized in four words: from local to global,”
said Nirmalya Kumar from India Unleashed during a report in the year 2009.

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