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Friday, October 29, 2010

What should be the responsibility of employees?

Employees are hired in an organization to grace certain responsibilities. These roles and responsibilities must be handled well in order to enjoy a wealthy and long lasting employee- employer relationship. Thus, it is essential to recruit the 'right' employees in the right organization. It should be a well fitted blend from both ends. Now, those who undertake the duty of hiring talented professionals are manpower consultants or a recruitment agency.

What do a recruitment agency do?

A specialized recruitment agency is the one that undertakes every step of recruitment from finding qualifies candidates to processing of data, selection process to salary negotiation. They look for employees who are well versed with teamwork, integrity, commitment and work ethic and are dedicated to their work at the end of the day. Expert’s consultants also make sure that the employers should be potential and give proper scope to the employees to grow in their respective field. Thus, it become very essential to outsource an employment agency that understands the value of work from both employee and employer's point of view.

At the end of the day, it is the consultants or human resource department that look after that employees are handling their responsibilities well.

Roles & Responsibilities for Employees

Qualification: Aspiring candidates or even the employees should be well qualified in order to give justice to their position and role in an organization. They should be capable of handling duties given to them.

Commitment to work: Employees should be committed to work. It does not mean that they should work extra hours to show their dedication however, they should put in their best efforts to bring out the end result best.

Loyalty: Employees should be loyal to their organization. Those who qualify this criteria are always appreciated by the manpower consultants or human resource people for their affection towards the company.

Participation: An employee should be enthusiastic about his or her work. Apart from handling their roles if they can contribute a little extra to the organization then it is always appreciated by the company officials.

Besides, these an employee should try and make healthy work environment so that he or she is comfortable working with their colleagues as well as management people and vice versa. A recruitment agency always look for candidates who have such qualities and skills to place them in a reputed and potential company.