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Friday, April 8, 2011

We Start a e_commerce teamWe welcome you to the Adarsh Multitrade Pvt.Ltd.. We believe it will support and serve our society as well as committed to do some-thing for the nation.
our e-commerce team
1-Mausam Mittal (General Manager-IT Operations)
2-Himanshu Periwal(General Manager-Supply & Management)
3-Sunil Juyal(SEO Manager)
4-Neha Agarwal(Branch Coordinator)
5-Nupur Verma(Customer Relationship Manager)

We welcome you to the Adarsh Multitrade

MD-Sanjay Mundra
We welcome you to the Adarsh Multitrade Pvt.Ltd.. We believe it will support and serve our society as well as committed to do some-thing for the nation. All of us have a life and it is not very long as far as our dedication is concerned. Today we are living comfortably because of regular flow of income and meeting of liabilities timely. Every human being wants to fulfill his goal.
The country shall be on fast track when the youths can shape their future according to their capability and interest. Professionals in specific field are the needs of today’s scenario having impact on the social and economic life in the fast moving world. Adarsh Multitrade Pvt.Ltd. is an organization by the people, with the people, Where you would find the opportunity to earn lot of money and fame
You may be awre that mooto of the Adarsh Multitrade Pvt.Ltd., is to provide best services to you. We have expertise in field of Diamond & Gold Jewelry, IT Solutions, Business Solutions, Investment, Education, Electric Goods and other related areas.
We congratulate you on your decision to learn about the power of system to become a part of Adarsh family. We are sure, this is your best foot forward for bright and successful career. You'll find that Adarsh Multitrade Pvt. Ltd., is a true force for good, improving and changing the lives of others. We continue to full fill our vision.

Opportunity & Your Choice
Love, Care, togetherness and understanding are incomparable things of life. To fulfill these things we need money. We need fair quantum of money to meet the basic necessities of life. Besides the above we need more money to buy a dream house, to provide best education and career to our kids. Apart from financial security, we need professional growth for self respect and self motivation. People across the nation have fulfilled their dream with Adarsh Multitrade Pvt.Ltd., with our superb & attractive COMPANSATION PLAN, you get lifetime income and freedom to do the things as per your convenience.
Adarsh Multitrade Pvt.Ltd., provides you part-time and long-term income opportunity. Work when you want or when you inspired. With Adarsh Multitrade Pvt.Ltd. can live life Khul ke…………

We Know you Want to ....

Fulfill your dreams.
Earn extra money.
Get rewards by Remarkable Work.
Positive change make in people's lives.
You can spend more time with family.

How to Join us

1. Adarsh Multitrade Pvt.Ltd. is engaged in the business of Tour and Traveling Package, Gold and other lot of product voucher and company trying to promote own brand “Adarsh “
2. If any customer wants to be the part of and get share in company profile he or she has to Join Company as a business associate. An customer Become a business associate by purchase minimum one unit product of jewellery, fill company agreement and business associate joining form.
3. At present six option to join as business associate.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Holiday Packages In India

Seo Sunil Juyal
India boasts of having luxury trains since times immemorial. The luxury trains also known as ‘rajas railgadi’ can give you a superior, royal experience which you will never be able to forget. Luxury tours in India are very, very famous. They have been world renown and people from all countries do tour on the Luxury for a splendid experience. The best few of the luxury trains are- Fairy Queen, The Golden Chariot , Royal Orient, Palace on Wheels, The Indian Maharaja Heritage on Wheels and so on. They deliver world class hospitality and services. A tour on either of these are nothing but ‘ecstatic’ in one word. Almost all the luxury trains in the country have a pre-scheduled route which travels through the best of the best views that you can.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Culture Holidays is a leading Tour & Travel management company

Culture Holidays India
Culture Holidays India

Culture Holidays India is a professional India travel agent and tour operator providing holiday deals, Affordable India tours and travel services. Provides all your Holiday deals to India related needs like cheap domestic internationa­l air ...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Engineering Manpower Consultants

Today, with hundreds of engineering colleges to come across the country, the expectations seem to
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Be growing in this area. No wonder recruiters meet recruiting fresh new talent and the degree and rate
Of success in this industry in particular. However, students who aspire to seek help from the recruitment
Agencies soon realize that the downfalls if this their dreams? We must address this in mind before seeking help from one of the working groups. Each year, students apply many engineering schools and
Universities in their efforts to achieve a rewarding career. However, many do not for many reasons.
One main reason is to have the help of a wrong place. Moreover, the market is already full with
Candidates with experience and highly qualified, then why would anyone do a new one? Basically, it is
The universities that prepare aspiring professionals to meet expectations in all areas.

With good workshops, equipment, etc. can actually help make the students understand the obligations
Or undertakings and work well. Companies have no difficulty in recruiting a fresher they are talented
And well known in the professional workplace. You must be employed, educated and trained to target
This market. Confused? A group of good recruitment clued knows the real tactic to take the ball in
His court. If you approach the right place, the Engineering manpower consultants are aware of requirements for companies
Looking for engineers and allied leaders, and therefore you will go to the right company for you prepare
Well before hand. Employment Agencies or Engineering manpower consultants, or groups in a chronological approach to use,
Screening and selecting qualified individuals to meet the needs of technical recruiting.

In addition, the company responsible for the appointment, many factors must be borne in mind, the
Job description, eligibility, salaries, etc. While there are a lot of engineering works or not, if you
Want to send a candidate, is a crucial decision to do, which is easy to make a business of talent for
Employment. Although the extent of the sector is a competition bright and pleasant, the increase may
Be a disadvantage aspiring professionals. Dedicated to the recruitment of technology companies for
Business purposes and the demands of work the applicant. So they come up with suitable candidates
To fill vacancies enough. When the quality and the best jobs of these engineering manpower consultants dedicated not only
To make the right candidates worthy of the engineering or related job, but also by companies to help them feel proud and successful operation. So make sure that we keep our eyes when they select the recruitment yourself well in this area.

Friday, October 29, 2010

What should be the responsibility of employees?

Employees are hired in an organization to grace certain responsibilities. These roles and responsibilities must be handled well in order to enjoy a wealthy and long lasting employee- employer relationship. Thus, it is essential to recruit the 'right' employees in the right organization. It should be a well fitted blend from both ends. Now, those who undertake the duty of hiring talented professionals are manpower consultants or a recruitment agency.

What do a recruitment agency do?

A specialized recruitment agency is the one that undertakes every step of recruitment from finding qualifies candidates to processing of data, selection process to salary negotiation. They look for employees who are well versed with teamwork, integrity, commitment and work ethic and are dedicated to their work at the end of the day. Expert’s consultants also make sure that the employers should be potential and give proper scope to the employees to grow in their respective field. Thus, it become very essential to outsource an employment agency that understands the value of work from both employee and employer's point of view.

At the end of the day, it is the consultants or human resource department that look after that employees are handling their responsibilities well.

Roles & Responsibilities for Employees

Qualification: Aspiring candidates or even the employees should be well qualified in order to give justice to their position and role in an organization. They should be capable of handling duties given to them.

Commitment to work: Employees should be committed to work. It does not mean that they should work extra hours to show their dedication however, they should put in their best efforts to bring out the end result best.

Loyalty: Employees should be loyal to their organization. Those who qualify this criteria are always appreciated by the manpower consultants or human resource people for their affection towards the company.

Participation: An employee should be enthusiastic about his or her work. Apart from handling their roles if they can contribute a little extra to the organization then it is always appreciated by the company officials.

Besides, these an employee should try and make healthy work environment so that he or she is comfortable working with their colleagues as well as management people and vice versa. A recruitment agency always look for candidates who have such qualities and skills to place them in a reputed and potential company.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tips for cost effective recruitment

The growth or downfall of any organization lay in the hands of its manpower. Right manpower is not that easy to get. One has to undergo a lot of processes to recruit talented and potential employees. For this either the company has to have an in built strong human resource department to outsource an expert recruitment agency. If you outsource a recruitment consultant you get various added services such as International recruitment or expertise in specific business sectors and most importantly cost. However, one has to understand that not all consultancies offer the same valuable services to their clients. Thus, keep an expert eye while choosing best yet cost effective recruitment solutions for your company.
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On this note, given below are few tips on how to choose cost effective recruitment services:

• Create a brand image: Being an employer one has to be clear on their market presence. Make your manpower consultant understand your presence and status in the industry. You will have to create a brand image in the eyes of not only your consultants but, indirectly in the eyes of your aspiring employees. Also, keep in mind that once the recruiter is able to get your image then only he or she will replicate it to the employees well. This cuts on the research work of the recruiter and they negotiate on their charges.
• Define exact employee requirements: Whenever there is a vacancy often employers give just two to three liner requirements. This makes the work of recruiter difficult as they are unable to understand the exact requirement. Thus, end up finding a wrong fit for the organization. Always make sure to offer full requirement status, technical updates and other essential details about the expected candidate to get a perfect match at best negotiated price.
• Sources for inviting applications: Though there are lot many options to invite applications. However, the entire process of short listing and selecting the right candidate takes a lot of time. Thus, leave the task to experts. Hire professional manpower consultants to do the needful. This is the most cost efficient way of recruitment.
• Screening: Screening is just like taking the first shot and then short listing the best among them.
• Selection process: This state’s selecting the best candidates among the shortlisted ones.
• Maintain a candidate pool: Your recruitment agency knows the tactic of hiring the best fit. Thus, they keep a handful of potential candidates for the suitable vacancy who can be hired at a negotiated package without compromising the quality f work.

Now, that you know the top most tips for cost effective recruitment, hire a professional recruitment agency and get potential manpower for your company.