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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tips for cost effective recruitment

The growth or downfall of any organization lay in the hands of its manpower. Right manpower is not that easy to get. One has to undergo a lot of processes to recruit talented and potential employees. For this either the company has to have an in built strong human resource department to outsource an expert recruitment agency. If you outsource a recruitment consultant you get various added services such as International recruitment or expertise in specific business sectors and most importantly cost. However, one has to understand that not all consultancies offer the same valuable services to their clients. Thus, keep an expert eye while choosing best yet cost effective recruitment solutions for your company.
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On this note, given below are few tips on how to choose cost effective recruitment services:

• Create a brand image: Being an employer one has to be clear on their market presence. Make your manpower consultant understand your presence and status in the industry. You will have to create a brand image in the eyes of not only your consultants but, indirectly in the eyes of your aspiring employees. Also, keep in mind that once the recruiter is able to get your image then only he or she will replicate it to the employees well. This cuts on the research work of the recruiter and they negotiate on their charges.
• Define exact employee requirements: Whenever there is a vacancy often employers give just two to three liner requirements. This makes the work of recruiter difficult as they are unable to understand the exact requirement. Thus, end up finding a wrong fit for the organization. Always make sure to offer full requirement status, technical updates and other essential details about the expected candidate to get a perfect match at best negotiated price.
• Sources for inviting applications: Though there are lot many options to invite applications. However, the entire process of short listing and selecting the right candidate takes a lot of time. Thus, leave the task to experts. Hire professional manpower consultants to do the needful. This is the most cost efficient way of recruitment.
• Screening: Screening is just like taking the first shot and then short listing the best among them.
• Selection process: This state’s selecting the best candidates among the shortlisted ones.
• Maintain a candidate pool: Your recruitment agency knows the tactic of hiring the best fit. Thus, they keep a handful of potential candidates for the suitable vacancy who can be hired at a negotiated package without compromising the quality f work.

Now, that you know the top most tips for cost effective recruitment, hire a professional recruitment agency and get potential manpower for your company.

How to recruit a productive workforce?

Any company's expansion or relocation to a better place with an advanced infrastructure is largely dependent on its skilled and loyal workforce.

A wide spectrum of services related to employment for assisting employers locate, screen, recruit, and hire qualified candidates are made accessible and customizable to meet the specific needs of any employer by the expert manpower consultants. Employers just have to find them and be rest assured about their recruitment tasks. The common employment offers:
• Accessibility to qualified applicants
• Perfect match of aspiring professionals to meet employer requirements
• Screening and recommendation of talented candidates
• Evaluation of candidate's skills and abilities as per the job standard
• Small and large-scale human resource activities
• Assistance in planning and hosting company's employment fairs
• Conduct interviews using advanced technology for International recruitment such as Video conferencing, etc.

In case you have any employee relocating abroad for International recruitment, expert recruitment agency is an apt on-line source for employment opportunities, which can offer added guidance for your new employee’s family so that you ease all your worries associated with relocating.
Business trends and Analysis
Before recruiting a productive workforce specialized manpower consultants make every effort to analyze and understand the business completely so that they end up getting the perfect match for a particular job. They also suggest employers to come up with training sessions to make the aspiring candidates well versed with the company, its products and services.

Employee Training and Talent Development Sessions
The main element to any successful business is the growing productivity of its trained workforce. Manpower consultants that are committed to work with employers for building a strong workforce that meets the requirements and needs of any business and backs up its economic development. In this category the available solutions and programs include:
• Assistance in deciding specific training needs as per the job and company standards
• Career related assessments are used to evaluate and upgrade employee's skills to encourage retention of potential employees or prepare aspiring candidates
• Job Profiling that is used to identify the skills and potential levels required to perform a specific job specifically.
• On-the-Job talent development programs
• Recommendations to eligible Training Providers
• Officeholder training sessions

Recruitment agency that understand the need of productive workforce also brings in businesses tat are interested in offering internship opportunities for college students to prepare them as per industry standards and make them learn more on how the on-line resources can help attract potential candidates as well as employers.