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Friday, July 23, 2010

Video resume a latest approach

Gone are the days when people literally use to walk by the roads to wander from one office to another just to get a job. Today, professional manpower consultants are not only focused on getting a perfect candidate for the right job but, to introduce new and improved ways to hire them. It ease the entire process of professional recruitment making it short and crisp for the consultants, candidates and moreover the organizations. Video resume is one of the current ways through which the employers or the recruitment firms and candidates are able to interact directly to each other knowing and understanding them better.
It is becoming a latest trend for people across the world to use networking sites and multimedia for applying to a particular job. Social sites like YouTube offer this facility to upload your video resume and send it across to directly to a mass audience that might target your potential employer. This is an excellent way to knowing the interpersonal and communication skills of any candidate. Besides, one can better understand the skills, talent, work experience and other necessary details through this technique. No matter whether you are an employer or an employee, you can always access it online and find the best matched job for yourself.
Since video resumes can actually do wonders for you thus, being a candidate you must be carefully on preparing it. Give it a professional look with collaborating your education background, work experience, skills, technical knowledge, attire, behavior, etc. One must remember the fact that a resume is the first step of professional selection by a potential employer or recruitment agency. Thus, special attention is needed on the details you want to put in. Try and avoid giving long elaboration about yourself and work profile as employers would not sit at their place for long hours just to listen to you. Make it short, informative and interesting.
The idea for concept has been taken from the networking sites where in through web cams, chats, videos, etc. one can exchange their views about a particular thing. This is indeed a very productive way to judge the candidate in terms of their communication, technical knowledge and professional attitude. Not only the manpower consultants but, even the employers can make a comment or give a feedback there and then on the video resume. This is cost effective, time saving and absolutely a convenient option for today’s generation. A video resume is indeed perfect blend of technology and business!

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