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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Upcoming power project has huge job opportunities for civil engineers

Over the past few years, the career graph of civil engineers seems to be improving tremendously. With more and more projects coming up in this field, the job opportunities for civil engineers have grown immensely. If we go by facts and figures, 25 power projects are to be started by the end of 2010 in the entire Middle East and North Africa and other associate regions. These projects are estimated to go from $42 million to $5 billion in budget resulting in rewarding countless jobs for professionals in this field. This power project jointly has been named as MENA power 2010 by the officials and stakeholders in this private sector. Keeping a track of this booming industry, the manpower consultants are doing every bit to get involved in the same by providing experienced and potential candidates to do the needful to the employers.
Besides, there are other power projects coming up this year such as USTDA. This very project was initiated by the commitment made by President Obama in 2009 in Cairo to establish and maintain economic development in Muslim-majority areas and communities. This very project would involve gas-fired combined cycle, cogeneration, solar, rural electrification, transmission and distribution upgrades, smart grid technologies, wind, hydro and biomass power generation and other associate developments. The whole idea behind launching such projects is to bring in more and more work and economic stability in the required regions of Asia and other developing parts of the world. For making all this happen, there is indeed a lot of requirement of man power and thus, recruitment agencies have a lot of role and responsibility in starting and making this event a grand success.
Engineers are undoubtedly excited about these projects however, they are a bit confused when it comes to approaching the right manpower consultant dealing with such rewarding job opportunities. With more and more recruitment agency coming up every year, it has become a bit difficult to choose the right one. So, what to do? Being an aspiring or experienced professional one must look for a recruitment agency that has experience, wide approach and immense potential and right kind of employer contacts. A specialized and expert recruitment agency can only get the right kind of job to civil engineers or any one else for that matter. If you go by just any employment firm you might end up being a wrong fit for an employer. Thus, always make sure you know your priorities and accordingly approach an expert manpower consultant to do the needful to your career.

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